Vivus Artist VA 3 Various Artists Release Date 24 Dec 2018
Juan Ferreyra - Nata (Original Mix)
Rodrigo P. - Nostalgia (Original Mix)
Metafore - About Us (Original Mix)
vlf - Thessy (Original Mix)
Tobi More - Lost In Space (Original Mix)
Drea - Peach 1 (Original Mix)
Balouk - Armit (Original Mix)
Sorin Simon - Fragmente (Original Mix)
Josh Wicks - What You Thinking (Original Mix)
Sebastian Eric - Pleasure Zone (Original Mix)
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Boondocks EP b0n Release Date 26 Nov 2018
b0n - Boondocks (Original Mix)
b0n - Midnight Swing (Original Mix)
b0n - Joseph Groove (Original Mix)
b0n - Ghetto Jazz (Original Mix)
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Bonunji EP vlf Release Date 22 Oct 2018
vlf - Bonunji - (Original Mix)
vlf - Infinite Rainbow - (Original Mix)
vlf - Mini Talking - (Original Mix)
vlf - Banda - (Original Mix)
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Untitled EP Juan Ferreyra Release Date 15 Oct 2018
Juan Ferreyra - Untitled 1 (Original Mix)
Juan Ferreyra - Untitled 2 (Original Mix)
Juan Ferreyra - Untitled 3 (Original Mix)
Juan Ferreyra - Untitled 4 (Original Mix)
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Get Hooked EP iON Release Date 24 Sep 2018
iON - Alexandru Unknown - (Original Mix).wav
iON - Bruh Get Hooked - (Original Mix).wav
iON - Mood For Monday - (Original Mix).wav
iON - Mood For Today - (Original Mix).wav
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Esprnza EP Rodrigo P. Release Date 25 Jun 2018
Rodrigo P. - Esprnza (Original Mix)
Rodrigo P. - C-05 (Original Mix)
Rodrigo P. - Navegante (Original Mix)
Rodrigo P. - Const24 (Original Mix)
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Constantly Changing EP Empat Release Date 18 Jun 2018
Empat - Constantly Changing (Original Mix)
Empat - Melodrama (808D2) (Original Mix)
Empat - Trubadur (Original Mix)
Empat - Transmisii (Original Mix)
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Anna EP Oscar Saliba Release Date 19 Mar 2018
Oscar Saliba - Anna (Original Mix)
Oscar Saliba - I Only Scratch When I Itch (Original Mix)
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VIVUS VA 2 Various Artists Release Date 06 Nov 2017
Crescent - Indiferent (Original Mix)
Dan Ambro & Max Tolmachev - Love Thing (Original Mix)
Hippnotik & Chrivu - Sideways vs.1 (Original Mix)
Abraja & Senoo - Double Cheese (Original Mix)
Max Italy - Isotta (Original Mix)
Plusculaar - Dark Mind (Original Mix)
Primarie - EucuMine (Original Mix)
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Treasure Hunt EP Crescent Release Date 07 Aug 2017
Crescent - Treasure Hunt (Original Mix)
Crescent - Chestiune De Timp (Original Mix)
Crescent - Nimic Or Nothing (Original Mix)
Crescent - Symultan (Original Mix)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Rodrigo P. - Esprnza Original Mix
Crescent - Indiferent Original Mix
Rodrigo P. - Const24 Original Mix
Max (Italy) - Isotta Original Mix
Hippnotik, Chrivu - Sideways VS.1 Original Mix
Crescent - Treasure Hunt Original Mix
Ion - Mood For Monday Original Mix
b0n - Midnight Original Mix
Max Tolmachev, Dan Ambro - Love Thing Original Mix
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